who we are

Ey Zein yoga centre, founded by Sophia Chatzipanagiotou, was the first to be established in Thessaloniki in 1973.

The first technique applied was Hatha Yoga, based on B.K.S Iyengar approach, tutor of Ms Chatzipanagiotou. Soon after, Vanda Scaravelli?s balancing technique, Desikasha breathing Pranayama exercises, the Sufi technique as well as Astangha Yoga were added to the courses offered.

After all these years of experience and continuous personal teaching, Ms Chatizapanagiotou founded the Yoga of Cross and Circle, with the aim of making each individual able to self-rehabilitate and cure himself, transfusing the therapeutic aspects of this method.

Ey Zein Yoga Centre offers a combination of older and newer methods, taking into consideration the needs of each individual. The outcome of the above techniques synthesis is the creation of a well-balanced program leading to holistic and inner yoga practices. Our centre?s main aim is to keep an alternative attitude towards the modern way of living. By combining holistic yoga techniques with classic and alternative beauty treatments, Ey Zein functions as place of self-awareness and self-healing.

At the same time, Ey Zein, in collaboration with ecological institutions and cultural groups of Thessaloniki, promotes ecological, social and environmental awareness. Alternative Yoga vacations on Greek islands and the countryside are organized every year along with holistic workshops as well as conferences, both within or outside the country.

Ms Chatzipanagiotou herself continues teaching on a daily basis along with her certified students. She is a constant contributor to Greek and foreign Yoga magazines while taking part in lectures and workshops, seminars and conferences around the world.