Workshop Aerial Yoga

Ey Zein is organising a three-weekend aerial yoga workshop, with the last weekend of the three dedicated to aerial dance.

At the end of the workshop a certification from Ey Zein, an official member of Yoga Alliance, will be given to the trainees.


  • Chatzipanagiotou Sophia, known as a Yoga pioneer in Greece and one of B.K.S Iyengar students. In this upcoming workshop she will be

 teaching aerial yoga of the Eyzein academy.

  • Zianna Katerina, a fourth cycle graduate student of the Ey Zein academy, PE teacher and certified Aerial Yoga instructor.
  • Ira Chatzistamatoglou, aerial sling and aerial dance instructor. In this upcoming workshop she will be teaching Aerial dance.

Total hours

  • 32 teaching hours (Aerial Yoga)
  • 8  teaching hours (Aerial Dance)


  • 300 euros * for the 1st cycle - 1st weekend
  • 300 euros* for the 2nd cycle - 2nd weekend
  • 150 euros* for the 3rd cycle - 3rd weekend

A 10% discount is available for those attending all three parts. VAT is not included. A 150 euro deposit should be given in order to book your place. Information and application forms at: 2310 415211.


1st Weekend - Aerial Yoga

Saturday 09th March

9.00-13.00 Sophia Chatzipanagiotou

  • Yoga philosophy and Pranayama
  • Anatomy with regard to gravity and
  • Anti-gravity
  • The hammock and its usage at Yoga
  • Ground techniques and Sky-Earth connection
  • Upright balance with regard to gravity


  • Break

14:00-18:00 Katerina Zanna

  • Upright dynamic techniques
  • Triangular
  • Planks
  Sunday 10th  March

9.00-13.00 Sophia Chatzipanagiotou

  • Seated
  • Supine
  • Prostrate
  • Sidelong


  • Break

14:00-18:00 Katerina Zanna

  • Hammock balancing
  • Inverted
  • Arm strenghthening


2nd Weekend - Aerial Yoga


Saturday 166th March

09:00-13:00 Sophia Chatzipanagiotou

  • Stretching and gravity
  • Advanced Yoga stretching techniques on the hammock
  • Extensions on the hammock
  • Inverted with the trapeze on the haunch


  • Break

14:00-18:00 Katerina Zanna

  • Inverted with hammock on the sacrum
  • Dynamic techniques on hammock

Sunday 17th March

09:00-13:00 Sophia Chatzipanagiotou

  • Open hammock technique (balanced, inverted, prostrate)
  • Ultimate relaxation-Meditation


  • Break

14:00-16:00 Katerina Zanna

  • Partnering technique
  • Relaxation techniques- Ultimate relaxation on the hammock


  • Exam workshop certification - questions


3rd  Weekend - Aerial Dance

Saturday 23th March

09:00-13:00 Ira Chatzistamatoglou

  • Ground strengthening
  • Static moves on the hammock
  • Combination of static moves
  • Development of sequence and choreography

 Sunday 24th March

09:00-13:00 Ira Chatzistamatoglou

  • Climbing & ascent practice on the silk
  • Locking and attaching techniques
  • Completion of the 2 day choreography

Who can attend?

1st part (1st weekend)

No prior Yoga knowledge or experience is required. The participants will delve into the Yoga philosophy and practice, using the hammock as anaid at the performing of anti-gravitation asanas.

2nd part (2nd weekend)

Yoga professionals with prior experience, wishing to gain an insight into Aerial Yoga, are eligible for this workshop. Attendance of the first part of the workshop is a prerequisite.

3rd part (3rd weekend)

Eligible for anyone wishing to practise with aerial dance. Aerial dance is a different way of expression and dance using Yoga techniques but mostly associated with the physical theatre and circus techniques.