Part of the speech:

"My name is Sofia Hagipanagiotou and I am Greek or Hellenida. I am from Thessalonica, the second biggest city of Greece which is a very old city was built 2307 years ago in favor of Alexander?s the grate sister who was called Thessalonica. Its a very spiritual city with dozens of churches and strong history and tradition. I am involved with yoga for forty years.

My first teacher was Mr. IENGAR who became my personal guru and I have visit him in India, but I have tried and other schools as SKARAVELLI, Astanga, Desikashar vinyasa all these excellent spiritual teachers are my own back ground and after all these years experience I have create my own Greek yoga. The name is the cross -circle yoga and I have create my own school.

So I started yoga from my eighteen because I belong to the hippies generation who were involved with eastern spirituality and were dreamed for a social revolution through love non violence and education. Mahatma Ganti and Che Guevara were our symbols. The deeper I was involved with Yoga I started to realize that there was a big similarity between Indian and Greek status of philosophy and spirituality."